All over the world, life expectancy is increasing. The healthy elderly person remains independent for a long time. On the other hand, if their health does not allow them to maintain their physical and mental capacities, they quickly become sedentary, dependent and age much faster. The NOA cushion helps the elderly person to age more slowly, i.e. to remain independent and healthy for longer.

How do you age slower?

Physical activity has effects that run counter to those of aging. 1- When practiced regularly, physical activity slows down the decrease in muscle mass associated with advancing age. 2- At the same time, regular physical activity limits the increase in fat mass and associated metabolic problems, such as glucose intolerance, which prevents diabetes. 3- Regular physical activity also preserves cardiovascular and respiratory functions. Even when started at an advanced age, it will have positive effects on health.
In order to grow old "in shape", it is therefore important not to give up activities: - that stimulate the adaptive capacity of the organism by maintaining or even improving the intellectual, physical and relational capital base, and - which protect against diseases (influenza, cardiovascular diseases, etc.), by providing early treatment for diseases or disorders that are likely to cause disorders that cascade to other functions of the body (walking disorders, depression, altered nutritional status, etc.).

Problems of ageing

Therisk of falling is a real problem for the elderly. Muscle wasting, impaired sensory abilities, taking medication, orthostatic hypotension, ... are factors that promote falls. Prevention is the only way to reduce the risks by adapting one's environment. But regular physical activity helps to preserve reflexes and muscle mass. Elderly people walk with an increased anterior rotation of the pelvis (downwards) and with an increase in lumbar lordosis. This postural change is usually due to a combination of weakness in the abdominal muscles, tension in the hip flexor muscles and increased abdominal fat. The risk of pressure ulcers is another issue for the elderly and people with reduced mobility. A pressure sore is a wound resulting from tissue hypoxia caused by excessive and prolonged pressure over time on a hard surface of a bone protrusion. The sacrum is typically the most affected in the sitting position when the person slides in the chair. The crushing of the tissue causes the capillaries of the skin to shrink or even become occluded, which can lead to a wound.

It is important that the person is sitting on a good support.

If the seat is too hard, the contact area is very small and all the weight then rests only on this small area, which increases the pressure. If the plane is too soft, the pelvis is pushed too far into the seat, but the pressure is concentrated at the points of protrusion of the body (sacrum and pins), and increases at these points. In addition, the pelvis is then unfortunately completely immobilized. Good support is when the person sinks slightly but is supported everywhere in the same way. The contact surface is larger and the pressure, evenly distributed, is therefore much less.

Why sit on the NOA cushion?

For gentle exercise The NOA cushion keeps you moving. It keeps you toned up in a natural way throughout the day. It gently strengthens your muscles with hardly noticeable instability. By maintaining the three curves naturally and effortlessly, the NOA cushion stimulates your general metabolism (see photo). To relieve pressure on the tissues during prolonged sitting The cushion evenly distributes pressure over the entire contact surface and preserves the skin tissue. To improve brain activity Thanks to the cushion, the head is repositioned well above the shoulders and the vessels that irrigate the brain are no longer compressed. It thus improves your blood circulation and thus the oxygenation of the cells and the brain.