Instructions for use


Your NOA cushion is delivered under vacuum. The valve cap may therefore be difficult to open the first time. Push the button on the valve and allow the foam in the cushion time to fully relax. The cushion will be 100% operational when you have inflated and deflated it several times.


To deflate your cushion for storage or to take it away, press the valve button before getting up until the air is completely drained and close the cap to prevent it from re-inflating by itself.


Open the valve cap and press the button for a few seconds to allow your cushion to inflate, then release the button. Sit on the cushion, feet flat on the floor, without crossing your legs. If necessary, press the button lightly if you want to adjust the seating comfort and reduce the dynamic of the cushion. Close the valve cap.


To change or wash the cover, first remove the ring, connected to the cap, which encircles the valve. Remove the cover from the pocket. The cover can be machine washed at 30°. The plastic bag can be washed with a damp sponge. Never immerse it in water!


To replace the cover over the air pocket, slide the air pocket back into the cover without the cap. Insert the valve without the cap into the hole in the fabric. Replace the ring on the cap around the valve from the outside.


Medical advice is always required in the case of undiagnosed pain, spinal instability, fractures, etc.
In the car, be sure to adjust the cushion to avoid too much instability to ensure your safety.
The cushion is available in two versions: a version with an anti-slip side for your safety on smooth surfaces and a version made entirely of fabric (without anti-slip) supplied for your safety with an elastic cord to attach the cushion to the seat.

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