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how to use your new NOA cushion

When sitting on the NOA cushion, tilt the pelvis forward (see picture below V ). Make sure that you are leaning on your thighs and lower buttocks (never on your upper buttocks X ). This will allow you to straighten your spine and stand correctly.

NOA helps you:

to tilt the pelvis forward
to straighten the rib cage to release breathing and lower the shoulders
to reposition the head in the axis of the shoulders and stretch the nape of the neck
Amplify the beneficial effect of the cushion by moving your pelvis according to your desires and needs. Discover the movements that suit you best: left-right swaying, circular movement of the pelvis in both directions, forward unbalance, ...
To make it effective, use NOA every time you sit down. Take it everywhere. Stand up and move around whenever you can. The NOA cushion is a complement to the overall care of your body. It reduces the problems associated with static sitting but does not replace physical activity! The cushion can also be used vertically against your backrest for a resting phase.

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