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The brand new NOA cushion was launched on April 2, 2020!

Be among the first to enjoy it.


People are born to move !

Yet we spend most of our time sitting down.

Sitting to learn or work.
Sitting in transport.
Sitting for fun.

The health effects of this sedentary lifestyle have been evidenced by many studies. The World Health Organization calls it "the ailment of the century".

Back pain, chronic fatigue, attention deficit caused by a lack of oxygenation, degenerative nervous and cardiovascular diseases and even cancer ... Prolonged sitting affects all the organs of the body and gnaws away at our health capital day after day without us realizing it.

NOA, the solution to fight the
"ailment of the century”

The recommendations are simple: move more and above all, all the time. Actually, the enemy is not lack of exercise but rather excessive immobility.

The unique design of this cushion is based on a constant and almost imperceptible air displacement between its two pockets. NOA forces you to stay in motion to keep your balance. This perpetual movement forces you to adopt a natural and dynamic sitting posture.

Your pelvis and back are no longer immobilized for hours, they move, undulate, stretch and contract. Your health is preserved.



As early as elementary school, our children spend most of their day... in a bad sitting position. Back home, study, dinner, TV and video games keep them sitting or slouching on a couch !

Attention and concentration disorders, reduced school performance are the direct consequences, often unknown to education and health professionals. The NOA cushion is the solution to prevent their back problems and increase their concentration abilities.


You are seated for at least 7 to 8 hours a day ! It is time to adopt a healthier lifestyle despite your professional activities and habits. Natural and comfortable, NOA forces you to effortlessly boost your sitting position, whether or not you suffer from back pain.

Pregnant women

Three out of four women suffer from back problems during pregnancy. These pains, often linked to compensatory mechanisms or poor posture, can be relieved by reflex rebalancing imposed by NOA.

Elderly people or people with reduced mobility

While active people remain seated for too long, the problem is even more acute for the elderly or people with reduced mobility. NOA adapts to all types of seats to ensure optimal lumbar support, comfortable seating and physical and intellectual stimulation.

Aware that each individual is different, we have designed NOA so that it constitutes the junction between your chair and your body. It will adapt to you at any time, regardless of your morphology and age.



NOA is resolutely modern and in line with our current lifestyle. It can be used at any time and on any hard or soft surface: a chair, an armchair, a bench, a car seat... at the office, at home or in theatres... Are you sitting? Your cushion follows you everywhere !


It folds and unfolds in the blink of an eye. Take it under your arm or easily slip it into your backpack or your child’s school bag to take it with you anywhere.


Your cushion will weigh little more than an apple, for minimal bulk.

Self-inflating and practical

Its self-inflating design allows you to use it instantly, in all circumstances and in any type of environment. Don't be afraid to get it dirty, its cover is machine washable.


Designed to make you feel at home anywhere, NOA is good for your body and mind.

6 > 99 years

Enjoy the benefits of the NOA cushion throughout your life, ... from 6 to 99 years old.

NOA's innovation lies in its ability to make you adopt a suitable sitting position without effort, to such an extent that it will quickly be forgotten ! A real link between the asymmetry of your body and the symmetry of our furniture, it will become an essential part of your daily life.


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